Nordgreen’s minimalist Scandinavian watches get a fitting upgrade

You can only go so far with designing a good product. The product also needs to echo the values of a brand. People who buy products don’t buy them only because of their aesthetics or functionality. A major underlying motive is emotional connect… and that happens with a product, but more strongly with a brand. It’s probably why iPhone users are still iPhone users, or people who drive Teslas aren’t probably going to buy a Hummer any time soon. A brand’s core values, paired with good design, can often form an unbreakable bond with its users… and it’s rare in the fashion, apparel, and accessory industry, but Nordgreen’s carving its niche there too, as a brand which embodies the Scandinavian values of minimalism… and also of charity.

Nordgreen’s watches, designed by Jakob Wagner, embody simplicity and symmetry that’s typical of Nordic design. Nothing is out of place, everything is structured, with a role to play, and has an overall visually calming effect on oneself. Nordgreen’s latest watches, the Pioneer, and a redesign of its popular model Native, embrace that minimalism as their true identity. The watch’s aesthetics take inspiration from Nordic values as well as Wagner’s work for past companies like Bang & Olufsen, Muuto, and B&B Italia. Pioneer and Native both speak of different aesthetics within the broader domain of minimalist design.

The Pioneer, a completely new offering, celebrates Danish innovation and science for humanity. With a 42mm body that sports 2 subdials, the Pioneer is as beautiful as it’s informative. The two subdials help you count down the minutes and the seconds with accuracy, while a date window at the 6 o’clock position provides perfect visual balance between all the components. The subdials hands come with red tips too, reminiscent of the Danish Windmills. The Pioneer, in its own way, speaks of the Danish pioneering spirit, and captures the sustainable future the Danes are constantly working towards. Nordgreen’s second watch in this series is a remodeled variant of their classic offering, the Native… a watch that serves as a hat-tip to Copenhagen’s ‘disruptive aesthetic’. Designed to be in the balanced image of the city, the re-modeled Native comes in a new 32mm casing, and sports a combination of metallic as well as see-through markings, indicative of the fact that the people of Copenhagen live in the moment, rather than count the minutes.

Both watches feature a 316L Stainless Steel body with a Japanese Miyota Quartz movement on the inside and a domed sapphire crystal covering the watch’s sheer simplistic beauty. The watches, available in a variety of classical color schemes, come with interchangeable metallic mesh and Italian leather straps, giving you a watch that’s truly a modern Scandinavian classic.

A strong aspect of Nordgreen’s brand is also its commitment to charity, a core value that Danes uphold with tenacity. As a part of their Giving Back Programme, with each purchase, Nordgreen allows users to select one out of three charities that Nordgreen will support on their behalf. All watches come with a custom tracking number engraved on the back that allows you to see the progress made by your donation.

Nordgreen, as a brand, embodies values that most watch brands do not. Deep in an industry that deals with status symbols and luxury, Nordgreen’s watches look absolutely stunning, but are backed by more human values, of social awareness, minimal living, and a charitable outlook… and that brand of humanity helps Nordgreen be much more than just a watchmaker.

Designer: Jakob Wagner

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Nordgreen redefines minimalist design, making it accessible and creating a better world through sustainability. Designed by renowned designer Jakob Wagner.

Pioneer Watch

The Nordgreen take on the Chronograph is a celebration of the Danish tradition of Science for Humanity, a concept established to create positive change for humankind and nature, thus celebrating the sustainable future that we dream of.

They as Danes are proud to be one the Pioneer’s in sustainability, and through the Chronograph they are inviting others on a journey for a better future.

The clean space around the dial is a reflection of the environment that we want to live in, while the third hand stopwatch (Chrono second hand), which has a red tip inspired by windmills, is a reminder of the bond between Nordgreen and the sustainability of its motherland.

Color ways

The watch comes in three dial colors – blue, black, and white – and three case colors – gun metal, silver and rose gold.

Product specs

Remodeled Native Watch

Jakob has re-imagined the Native which is inspired by Copenhagen and the unpretentiousness of the Danish way of life.

The re-modeled Native comes with invisible minute marks, because in Copenhagen, we don’t count the minutes, we enjoy quality time. We also bring you the Native Lille, a smaller 32 mm version for the female audience, in addition to the existing 36mm and 40mm watch faces. The new models will be available with white, blue and black dials, as well as a new gold and gunmetal case option, adding to the current silver and rose gold case colors.

The Native remodeled brings with it domed glass, transparent minute marks, as well as the new 32mm Native Lille.

Color ways

Product specs

Quick-release Straps

The Pioneer

With every watch you are able to swap your straps out with a different one, allowing you to define how your express yourself and your outfits. Simply detach the straps on your watch, and you are ready to change to any style you are in the mood for.

The Remodeled Native

Meet their designer

Jakob Wagner is an award-winning designer with over 25 years of experience, working with the likes of Bang & Olufsen, Hay and Muuto. Nordgreen’s sustainable approach was one of the core reasons he chose to work with us: “What has become really important to me is to work solely on something… on conscious projects; ones that mean sustainability is a given. To make something that has intrinsic value and that we want to keep for a long time.”

Giving back program

They are determined to contribute to sustainable change in the world. When you choose a watch, you will also choose one of three sustainable causes. Use the serial number from the back of the watch and the unique identification code from the Certificate of Authenticity to choose a cause and track the results on our website.

Click Here to Buy Now: $95 $250 (63% off). Hurry, only 4/230 left!