Pressure Test With Jot Touch

We have been tracking Adonit for quite a while now and we love the innovative Bluetooth Pressure Sensitive Stylus for iPad. Christened the Jot Touch, Adonit has its hand on the pulse of what people want in terms of writing equipment using digital mediums. It is the first real pressure sensitive stylus that addresses the requirements of a professional artists. Basically it transforms your iPad into a sketchbook and gives you a surreal experience.


  • Using Bluetooth technology, Touch communicates with Jot Ready apps to give you a deeper experience.
  • Two programmable shortcut buttons makes it easy to undo a mistake or change tools. Even if an app is not Pressure Sensitive, you still have the most accurate stylus around.
  • The pressure-sensitive stylus adjusts the line weight based on the pressure applied to provide a more complete digital drawing experience.
  • Jot Touch incorporates the same precision disc as the rest of the family.
  • It even adds a dampening tip that simulates the natural contact of writing with a pen on paper.
  • Popular apps like Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, Art rage and Clibe have already integrated the SDK (Software Development Kit).

Designer: Adonit [ Buy it Here ]

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