From Log To Chaise Lounge!

The Long 8 stems from the multi-disciplinary Swiss artist Natanel Gluska’s log creation. He saws off a huge chunk of log and transforms it into a beautifully refined lounge in a very short timeframe. This current iteration is in fiberglass and can be crafted in many colors. Have a look at the awesome video to see the sawing in action. Totally awesome!

Designer: Natanel Gluska

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Max Brod says:

    man you seriously are a perv! you r destroying nature to make things that look like a fusion of the female womb and duchamp’s fountain! man seriously get a life, get married and settle down ! and do not suggest this video to your children ( if you r married by any chance!)

  • Hunter says:

    Besides, it looks really uncomfortable.

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