Microsoft’s new Xbox controller is eco-friendly ‘remix’ of earth-tone colors

If you’re a gamer who looks for an ecological benefit in his gaming equipment, Microsoft has got you covered. An Xbox controller “Remix Special Edition” is making its debut this month and the gamepad is made from recycled materials for an eco-friendly Xbox setup with a visual appeal.

As the world becomes increasingly focused on reducing waste and preserving the planet, more and more peripheral manufacturers are looking for creative ways to repurpose old items. Microsoft has been in the thick of things for a while now and is now luring gaming enthusiasts and environmentalists alike with this piece of gaming legacy.

Designer: Xbox 

The new wireless Xbox controller – Remix Special Edition, is made from recycled plastic. Before you believe the entire thing is made from environmentally-friendly material; be informed that only one-third of it is made from regrind and reclaimed materials.

With the progress of things in the gaming industry, this subtle choice is also a significant change. The new Microsoft Xbox controller is made from “post-consumer recycled resins” with regrind comprising previously molded colored parts.

The plastic used is sourced from old Xbox One generation controllers and material from CDs, automotive headlight covers, and plastic jugs. This material is ground into minuscule particles to make new plastic for the Remix Special Edition controller. Since the mix of materials and colors is different, each controller – in earth tone colors and textured design – has a subtle variation this gives the Remix edition controller its own look and feel.

The Microsoft Remix Special Edition Xbox controller becomes eco-friendlier with the partnering Rechargeable Battery Pack. The controller with the battery will retail for $85. The pack will start shipping from April 18, so gamers be on their toes if they want to grab it before anyone else.