Zipper Quality Sound

It’s not the first time that zipper functionality has been introduced to earphones. While earlier concepts only dealt with taking care of managing the earphones, this improvised version has some new features to it. For example, to control the volume of your digital player, simply slide the earphone line up or down, just like zipping up and down. To change tracks, you need to twirl the line either to the left or right. By employing intuitive gestures to control your device, the design has the potential to become a good product. Now only if we can figure out the engineering for it.

Designer: Lucy Jung


  • Bob says:

    So if I walk it goes to the next song with each step?

  • lucy says:

    Bob, Thanks for the comment. Actually, concept was that you have to press and push right or left to change songs 🙂

  • E. Wiersma says:

    Wouldn’t it be possible to let 2 currents through each side. And keep track of the increase and decrease of the amount of resistance between them, to control the volume?

  • Hunter says:

    So someone with a big head can’t listen to their music very loudly.

  • tan says:

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