IKEA VAPPEBY Bluetooth Speaker gets a 3rd Gen Redesign with a Clean Minimalist Makeover

If you remember the Vappeby speaker from not too long ago, it had this gorgeous boxy avatar with a volume speaker emanating from within the speaker’s fabric cover. The Vappeby of the past blended in the same way smart speakers did, using fabric to integrate into home decor, but not anymore. IKEA’s new VAPPEBY 8×8 has a bold design, with pronounced audio drivers standing out against a plain, boxy housing. The volume knob still stays there, but the new Vappeby gets a rigid, removable handle too, and also now supports the addition of a battery pack so you can unshackle your speaker and take it with you to parties, the poolside, or the backyard.

Designer: IKEA

The most striking feature of the Vappeby 8×8″ is its size. It’s the biggest Vappeby yet, measuring a substantial yet portable 8 inches by 8 inches (without the handle). Despite its size, the speaker retains the clean, minimalist design synonymous with IKEA furniture. However, unlike previous versions, this speaker evokes a certain industrial chic aesthetic, reminiscent of the Swedish design collective Teenage Engineering.

At 39 watts of peak power output, the Vappeby 8×8″ promises impressive audio for its size. A tweeter and a large subwoofer are housed within the minimalist casing, although the exact driver sizes are yet to be revealed by IKEA. A single knob controls volume and playback, while a 3.5mm jack allows for connecting wired audio sources.

For those who crave a truly immersive experience, two Vappeby 8×8″ speakers can be paired to create stereo sound. This functionality makes the speaker ideal for small gatherings or creating a wider soundscape in a personal space.

Powering the speaker is a choice between plugging it directly into a wall outlet or using an ENEBY battery pack (sold separately). The lack of a built-in battery might be a drawback for some, but it also keeps the price down. IKEA also offers a US$10 front panel for those who prefer a more finished look.

The Vappeby 8×8″ comes in black and white colorways and is priced at US$69.99. The speaker plugs into any wall outlet, but IKEA’s $28 Eneby battery pack fits into the base, giving you wireless audio capabilities. If you liked the original fabric-clad aesthetic, the company also sells a $10 cover that you can install on the front, in true IKEA fashion.