Zipper That Got Me All Entangled

Thanks to all for appreciating the Yi Earphone, but I must say that some of the responses that I have been getting are pretty overwhelming. All loyal YDers know that we editors merely showcase talents of designers and are in no way involved in the designing process. So it took me by surprise when a mail came in threatening me for showcasing “this copied design”! Well my-dear-upset-designer, I didn’t design it and tell me what are you gonna do about this Universal Zip Lock Earphone?

Agreed this doesn’t use a zipper as an excuse, it uses Zip Loc for inspiration instead. It also lacks the fancy volume control button seen in the Yi. But it’s a functional piece that looks to addressing the same tangled wires issue with another similar perspective.

So what’s next? Will get Zip Loc get upset with me now?

Is it fair to hold us writers responsible if we showcase someone else’s similar talent before you send in your works? Fight your own designer-ego battles dude!

YD does not and will not indulge in such ego-centric battles!
We are where we are because of our readers and the support of designers.
Let’s not squabble over who designed what first!

Designer: Seon-Keun Park