The world’s first ‘wearable’ pain-killer uses dual-light therapy to boost healing, and is on 40% discount

Kineon’s MOVE+ Pro isn’t your average health wearable. While most wearables track your health, the MOVE+ Pro improves it. Also known as a portable light therapy device, the MOVE+ Pro relieves pain without relying on sprays, pills, or injections. It works non-invasively, using two forms of red light that help circulate oxygen-rich blood within a targeted area to reduce inflammation, heal tissues, relieve chronic pain, and accelerate recovery. “While exercise is good for our health, it can be hard on our bodies,” say the folks at Kineon, who developed the MOVE+ Pro as a safe way to deal with injury, fatigue, and chronic pain. Unlike sprays and ice packs that work on just a surface level, the MOVE+ Pro’s lights travel deep into the skin to boost blood flow, and unlike pills, they can be used without any risks of side effects.

Designer: Kineon Labs

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Portable Design – Find fast relief whenever and wherever you feel pain and inflammation.

Light as a form of medicine may sound odd on the face of it, but phototherapy has existed for over a century, with the use of infrared lamps to help the body effectively circulate blood flow. While the technology has largely been expensive and bulky, the MOVE+ Pro condenses it down into a tiny, portable format that is affordable, and can be carried and used wherever you go, whether it’s in bed after a tough day at work, after a grueling session at the gym, post sports, or even during the day to relieve chronic body/joint pain.

Dual Light Technology – Deeper penetration and faster results to joints, muscles, and other tissue through our exclusive dual-light technology.

The way the MOVE+ Pro works is by employing two specific types of light: 650nanometer red LEDs, and 808nanometer infrared lasers. The LED light, visible to the naked eye, works on the surface level, enhancing collagen production, blood circulation, and reducing inflammation. The infrared laser light, although invisible, penetrates deeper, promoting tissue recovery and cell regeneration to treat deep-rooted chronic pain such as osteoarthritis or cartilage damage. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive treatment, addressing both superficial and deep-seated issues. Each of MOVE+ Pro’s modules comes with 8 LEDs and 10 laser diodes to provide the right dosage over a targeted area.

Sniper-like Accuracy – Design allows you to accurately pin-point problem areas for fast and effective relief.

Using the MOVE+ Pro is surprisingly straightforward, with three such modules that can be used independently, or strapped together. It’s all about positioning the devices over the affected area whether it’s around your knees, or on your shoulder, elbows, neck, thigh, stomach, or any other part of your body experiencing pain. A quick 15-minute cycle with the MOVE+ Pro can make a significant difference in alleviating pain and treating injuries, accelerating body recovery – something that diminishes with age.

Safety is, understandably, a primary concern when it comes to any new health device. The MOVE+ Pro, in this regard, is designed to be risk-free, can be used without consulting a medical professional, and is even backed by athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. It’s based on decades of research, is designed to be non-invasive, and doesn’t involve ingesting or applying chemicals on your body (which can have their own side effects)… but more importantly, it’s portable, letting you carry it around wherever you go, and with Kineon’s sizeable 40% discount, it’s highly affordable!

Click Here to Buy Now: $429 $699 (40% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!