Sustainable Mercedes Roadster

Combine modern power with classic Mercedes styling reminiscent of the 1930s Silver Arrow and you’ve got this dynamic electric concept sports car, the latest from designer Ali Khanzadi. The lightweight modern roadster’s body is formed using a composite of recycled plastic & carbon fiber & the chassis a composite of carbon fiber & aluminum. Lacking traditional brakes, it utilizes the same electricity & magnetic system in braking that is used to propel the vehicle.

Designer: Ali Khanzadi


  • MDesigns says:

    I want to like it but cannot stand its aesthetics. In my opinion it lacks character and appeal. As for safety and practicality I don’t think it has been thought through, but I am not an engineer. You could simply ask yourself “What would happen to the tires and suspension if I bump the curb”?

  • sahm says:

    how is the torque transmitted to the wheel ? shouldn’t there be an axle?

  • jaroslaw ciupinski says:

    There is even a tyre reinvented here! It looks like it could be easily broken.

    As for torque transmission. Well, according to description, I imagine that it produces electric power, transmits it to the wheels, where it propels wheels. It looks too small to be strong enough. And imagine what happens if someone runs over that wheel. And front wheels are even bigger joke – what material are wheels made of?

    Ah, waste of time to even write more.

  • milad says:

    افرین -خوب بود

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Don’t forget the inability of the driver to see over the hood. Pff.


  • cgouache says:

    This project is ridiculous. Be sustainable because of being electric, OK. But sustainability is also about space taking. This concept is wasting a huge amount of space between the wheels and the body of the car… it uselessly big.

  • Alex says:

    Sustainability should encompass the whole product lifecycle, not just the powerplant. An electric powerplant doesn’t make a vehicle sustainable, as it is entirely dependent on the resources used to generate the electricity for transfer to the battery. Carbon fibre is probably even worse than making the components out of steel or aluminium. The package is also a waste of space for only one rider.

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