Designing for Social Stigma

Designer Alexandre Pain spent an extended amount of time in a wheelchair to better understand the challenges of the disabled. The one he perceived as being the most difficult was not the limited mobility as you’d think, but the stigma associated with the easily identifiable wheelchair. The Tandem scooter may serve the same purpose, but with additional seating for one and a  simple, fun, and sporty aesthetic, this electric vehicle aims to reduce the negative perception of disability by erasing the taboo of the wheelchair.

Designer: Alexandre Pain


  • Ray says:

    It’s a bit cumbersome, no? Despite the stigma of an easily identifiable sign of disability (or is it more PC to call it less abled?), one of the advantages of the current design is its portability.

  • tryner says:

    For reasons I can’t fully comprehend, this concept is absolutely phenomenal and one of my favorites I’ve seen. Yes, i think it looks kind of cool, but it’s waaaaay more than that. It really does break down barriers as it goes from 1 walker, one wheelchair to 2 riders zipping around town in a fun little sporty vehicle.

    Fantastic job with this concept!

  • Kid says:

    Takes up a lot of space, eh?

  • Adam says:

    Never gave unobtrusive design a chance, no?

  • Disabled in Albuquerque says:

    I want one! Do you take Medicare?

  • Ermert Nihoa says:

    The entire vehicle is absolutely beautiful. Is this wheelchair for two available for purchase?

  • Jo Hemphill says:

    How much is this? My husband is in a wheelchair and I’m blind this would be nice to have for both of us

  • Peedee Wyre says:

    I have a ‘large’ friend who is blind and immobile from diabetic neuropathy. His small thin wife can’t push him very far… this looks like what they need. Now he needs a vehicle with a lift gate to transport it. Does this company deal with the VA? He and I are both Agent Orange victims (Vietnam 1968-69): he got diabetes 40 years ago, I got lymphoma 5 years ago. [[That’s the REAL price of war that trigger-happy politicians forget.]]

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