Music to Your Ears

In a day where portable music devices are a must have, and the desire for “chill-out” time is even more crucial, designers are hearing what we need and making those needs a reality. Designers Per Arlander, Madlene Linstrom and Ozgur Tasar have created the MPillow which uses both light and sound to create those moments of relaxation and calmness. The pillow can be used as the consumer sees fit. They can take a nap while resting their head on the pillow, or while working around the home, they can carry the pillow with them to enjoy the music while they work. MPillow can connect to a computer wirelessly and music can be downloaded to it by way of MP3’s or by using the sounds available on MPillow servers. The enterior of the pillow is filled with technogel, which is a translucent plastic gel, and can be covered with various materials. The lighting on the MPillow changes colors and intensity as the music or sounds change creating the perfect ambience for the user.

Designer: Ozgur Tasar, Per Arlander & Madlene Linstrom