Transforming Beemer

The BMW Venture concept transforms from from a urban-commuting subcompact to  racy sportster with just the press of a button. Retracted, it’s the perfect size for zipping around the city, but extending the swing arm and front wheels gives a wider stance and added stability as well as a hot-rod style front end that adds to it’s striking aesthetic. Its futuristic style has a very subtle touch of retro-style but still maintains a familiar clean, BMW feel.

Designer: Chris Hammersley


  • MDesigns says:

    With a powerplant not even suggested this is purely a styling exercise. Incomplete by Bimmer standards. Take the badge off and it could be anything…

  • Roberto says:

    Looks like Chery Ant.

  • Nathan says:

    I applaud the crisp sketchwork, but the form leaves a lot to be desired. Not familiar, nor is it clean, and it’s certainly no BMW.

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