On-road Life With A Cubie

The idea of the CUBIE car stems from the fact that people waste a lot of time en route to their work place, stuck in traffic jams. Capitalizing on the future system of shared transportation, the vehicle cabin offers an environment that is conducive to multi tasking. The interior design facilitates in-car activities like holding a meeting or getting work done using the laptop. Like Qi describes it, “CUBIE performs as a low-paced moving public or private space in the street. It creates a new on-road lifestyle, helping people get out of the busy time of a day.”

Designer: Haitao Qi


  • Chris Masterson says:

    I actually like the idea, especially if you’re stuck in downtown rush hour traffic. This setup makes it more conducive for conversations and meetings. But I’m not sure about how safe those seats are for the passengers.

  • Hunter says:

    As a vehicle, this looks hideous.
    As a bus, it might work.

    To second Chris, the seats look a little haphazard.

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