Non-aromatic Cooking?

I like the idea that Hong Ying Guo is exploring with the Purifi Pan. The concept is simple; eliminating annoying cooking fumes right at the source and converting it to a refreshing gust of air. The approach is to add an electronic purifying element straight on the pan’s rim and doing away with conventional hoods. Hopefully its detachable, to enable easy cleaning and as we can see it is suitable for different sized utensils, with a couple of tweaks and refinements, I think we’ll have a winner in our hands.

Designer: Hong Ying Guo


  • funkk says:

    the ritual of cooking is one of the most important cultural gains in every society of the world with ALL its multisensual parts.

    and you wanna suck away the smell oft it?!?!

    undesign things!empty the space there is enough stuff.


  • anoush m says:

    to be honest, this is an outrageous idea. putting aside the fact that the smell of the food is one of the most important things about cooking, the product is over-complicated.

  • pkisme says:

    if there’s too much fumes while cooking, u are doing it wrong.

  • ben says:

    this is a valid idea… in many houses, the kitchen is actually in the livingroom (american model). and boy it sucks, when you’re roasting onions there. i like this!

  • davide says:

    But… and if I would put it in the washing machine??

  • H says:

    Interesting, sometimes cooking does make a lot of smells that you enjoy while cooking but you dont really want then to stay within the wall of you house. Im not sure I want that solution solved my a gadget attached to my pan since it looks cluttered. I agree that this could be something used in places where the kitchen is a living room, that concept makes it seem like somethign for lower middle class homes or lower class homes. Perhaps you could change you presentation to adress those concept more. Another idea is that you could rerender it with a silver pan so that seems more seamless with the prexisting objects, or rerender the new concept black and dark grey. Keep designing and thanks for the post.

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