Bringing Sound Back to The Music

Soundscape is a midi controlled musical interactive surface that mainly focuses bringing the control of music, back to the listener. As the designer explains, “instead of being witness to music, the user can now interact and immerse them selves within the sound – bringing tactile back into the aural.” The device is a 3D printed black rubber surface juxtaposed with a Rosewood housing. As you explore it with your hands, the underlying circuit is triggered and the music playing is effected in varying degrees depending on the sequence and spread of the triggered signals.

Kale explains, “The texture of the 3D printed surface is made in a way to be explored not only visually as a type of typography or terrain, but also explored by touch in the tactile sense. The Soundscape is run through USB port, using Native Instruments Traktor Digital music program, and utilizes effects and sounds specific to its digital banks. It hopes to recreate an aesthetic resonating back to the time of mahogany radios and rich sounding record players.”

Designer: Kale Joines