Smarter Handwash

Given the current trend of adding electronics to our basic bathing needs like digital controls for the bathtubs and showers; it only makes sense to take it a step further and include it on fittings. Sma Wash is a digitalized faucet that dispenses soap and water in a very unique fashion. I love the play on design and how the water is expected to literally ‘fan’ out. To be honest, the whole touchscreen and automatic era is upon us to encourage cleaner loos and support the gadget freaks! Me included!

Designer: Su Jian Xiong


  • Jeff says:

    One advantage that isn’t mentioned here, but that I think I understand from the photos, is that you turn it on and off in different places. So the “on” panel gets touched by dirty hands, but the “off” panel only gets touched by clean hands. so no contamination via the buttons.

  • Vanshri says:

    truly a smarter handwash – no need for separate messy liquid soap containers & amazingly sleek looks – also liked the soft & gentle, fanned out flow of water – no rude splashing.

  • small volcanic says:

    it looks very beautiful and elegant!!

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