Volkswagen With a View

The two-seater Volkwagen Outside concept was designed for the driver who appreciates options! This modern speedster has an emphasis on sporty handling and removable side panels that can be enclosed for a secure and intimate driving experience or left behind for open-air thrills. For nature-lovers who don’t mind a little wind blown hair.

Designer: Luiz Antonelli


  • Jonny says:

    cool looking design, id have to take out the plant though, the soil would spill every corner i take lol

  • Krishnanunni says:

    Does it come in black?

  • zstaream says:

    cool!!!just like a wind!!!

  • Zune says:

    I might have called this “Volkswagen Without a View” seeing as there’s relatively low visibility from the cockpit. The removable doors don’t even have windows in them and there’s no rear windshield. Getting beyond that point, though, I really like the clean lines with well stated edges. It works as part of the current VW line. Nice renders too.

  • KOKO says:

    Change the trademark, can’t see the Volkswagen’s brand image

  • Ole Gus says:

    Zero visibility, zero brand identity, confusion between the front end and rear end design. It’s a rather ugly car. I can’t see how there are positive comments above for this design; sponsored comments?

  • Topsy Cret says:

    I don’t like the back of this concept..

    It would’ve been much better if it was complete.
    and sidewindows.. add them to.

    I Would want a 4 seat version of it, in dark(not to dark) saphire blue

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