Living Architecture

The Turbine Bridge concept is a hydroelectric power station that also serves as a multifunctional space on Amsterdam’s Amstel River. On the main internal level there is space dedicated to pedestrian walkers and cyclists, cafes and stores while the upper level hosts terraces, playgrounds and spaces to relax. More than just a link between two sides of the river, the bridge aims to become a landmark where both locals and tourists can come together.

Designer: DWAWU Architects


  • Red Brick Studio says:

    Design: Beautiful. Concept: Outstanding. Function: We’ll leave that to the engineers. But, how do you keep the turbine blades from dumping water on people’s heads as they use the bridge? A roof would defeat the aesthetics.

  • Matthew says:

    Now this is really nice design, and I’d love to see it built somewhere. I do agree with “Red Brick Studio” however you could use a roof inside maybe made of glass. You’d still be able to see the blades and it could also look nice see water run of the blades surrounding the whole structure.

  • Hunter says:

    *sigh* another hydroelectric turbine position above its water source. Simply goes against basic engineering logic.

    Yes, it looks really cool, but if you placed it as a tunnel under the river, efficiency would increase tenfold and (with a stable roof) you could adequately solve Red Brick Studio and Matthew’s issue of dumping water on your bystanders.

  • Hunter says:

    And besides, placing the turbine under the river allows bystanders to view the aquamarine ecosystem within instead of the river’s surface and city skyline they’ve seen everyday.

  • BCMorris says:

    Have you ever been to a fun house where they have a tunnel you walk through and the outside spins around you? It’s completely disorienting and makes you feel like you’re going to fall over.

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