This tiny sustainable cabin in the Chilean rainforest measures only 3×3 meters

Tucked away in the rainforest landscape near Southern Chile’s La Unión city is a tiny cabin called the 3×3 retreat. Designed by Estudio Diagonal Architects, the tiny home was designed to create a sense of cohesion between the ‘radical geometry’ of the structure, and the natural and organic essence of the site. The home was designed to seamlessly merge with the surrounding forest scape, allowing the site’s true beauty to shine through spectacularly.

Designer: Estudio Diagonal Architects

The cabin aims to function as a comfortable, cozy, and functional dwelling in the raw rainforest, without disturbing or causing harm to the forest in the least. It is placed on a slope, that subtly overlooks the Radimadi river. This was a genius move since it allows the cabin to provide its residents with stunning views of nature, and the lovely sounds of the nearby river. The 3×3 retreat measures three-by-three meters, which is the reason behind its intriguing and unique name. It is elevated 4.8 meters above the forest floor, with a double-height ceiling that magnificently adds on to its height.

The retreat has been distributed into three sections. The first section is the terrace which functions as a nifty spot for residents to meet up and have a barbecue in. The second section is the first floor or the ‘day floor’ which includes the kitchen, dining room, and living room. This space also features a double-height front window, which gives access to surreal views of the rainforest. The third section is the second floor or the ‘private floor’ which houses the bedroom, and bathroom. This section can be accessed only via a ladder, in an attempt to save space and make the section more private.

The entire cabin was constructed by using common and economical building materials, such as standard pre-dimensional pine wood. Local construction techniques were utilized, in an attempt to showcase their functionality and sustainability. The 3×3 retreat is a peaceful and serene haven that provides an oasis in an otherwise bold and dynamic forest. It takes immense care to not disturb the natural equilibrium and system of the rainforest it has been placed in. It’s a great escape from our hectic city lives if you’re looking for one!