Guessing Game #12

You know the rules by now, but for the uninitiated, this it the Guessing Game. Looking at this featured image, try and guess what the product is and leave your take in the comments below. If you get it right, you win our love and respect! Try it it’s FUN!

This is the Telescope Camera USB Concept!

The device is a telescope and a camera and a USB flash drive device, all rolled into one! Sounds complicated but it looks to be a very useful multipurpose device. What do you think?

Designer: Steve Lee


  • Brian Roberts says:

    It’s clearly a USB powered single-sock washing machine…

  • Feniks says:


  • louis alvarez says:

    It is a telescope that takes digitals of whatever is being looked at (basically a digital camera with great zoom), and projects it as well if desired.

  • brompo says:

    The blurb says it’s a telescope, a camera and a USB drive. So, I’m going to guess a telescope/camera/USB drive. What do I win?

  • Brian Roberts says:

    Well Brompo, I’m going to guess you’ll win a single sock…

  • Troy Leininger says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a prosthetic eye for pirates.

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