Bike Locating Lock

Bless the person who devised remote controlled car keys; its a boon being able to locate your car in a crowded lot, thanks to the unique sound. Wish there was something similar for a cycle lock. Wait, there is! Yes, the Acoustic-optical Lock for cycles is designed on similar lines. This version features a lock system that has a radio transmitter in the key and a matched radio receiver in the lock. Simply press the button and the lock makes a sharp sound and switches on the LED light. You not only locate your bike easily but also have a better way of finding it in low-light situations.

Acoustic-optical Lock is a 2012 Design Talents winner.

Designers: Yakun Zhang, Jason LIU & Danwei Ye


  • mcGadget says:

    this would cost more than the bike itself to produce

  • Alaor says:

    Oh, the next product will be the GPS Lock, with an LCD display on the key so you can see the direction you need to walk to find your bike. In 3D, of course.

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