Purrrrfect Jag

Inspired by the vintage Jag e-type of the 1960s, the Jaguar XKX concept finds a modern balance between pure muscle and supreme elegance. The design returns to the total smoothness of the brand’s original models with soft, fluid lines that dip and curve into one another like liquid. Vintage inspiration combined with highly advanced tech (I.E. – an outer skin that recharges the battery) make this one fierce kitty.

With a much smaller and cooler power plant than conventional models, the aerodynamics were conceived in a new innovative way. The side deflector intakes of the front are broader so a much less air gets stuck by the engine- instead, it flows behind the front wheels, moving behind them and sliding along the doors before taking another shortcut through the rear wheels and out from the large rear openings. This greatly reduces the total flowing path and subsequently drag.

Designers: Hussain Almossawi & Marin Myftiu