The first of its kind, the 2Wheela is a concept vehicle that merges the practicality of super-compacts with the spaciousness of vans. Confused?! It’s actually 2 cars in 1! The modular system features 2 sporty looking cars that can be joined at the ends when you need the extra room or want to travel as a group. When it’s time to split, simply pull over, detach, and go your separate ways!

Designer: Andrej Kregar


  • MDesigns says:

    As long as the twin car can be produced and run economically, then maybe I can give it a pass. However, right now it looks strange and out of proportion. I think it is a mistake to make it look sporty…a minimal look would be better.

  • Aubrey says:

    The concept is in my opinion excellent. The question is can it be produced to be economical, have a good range and be produced cost effectively enough for the masses. If so then this is definitely the future.

  • Andy says:

    Cool,But what is’t LOGO?

  • AorphiA says:

    The frame of it is to low to the ground. Some road have huge pot holes and then there are the uneven rail road tracks.

  • ben says:

    totally dont understand the design language. why a car speak performace when its is actually meant to be something different and innovative.
    so probs for the great visuals and the nice idea but…

  • Evrim Yurteri says:

    I loved the design. It’s the car of the future!!!

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