Hard Shell Honda Bike

Using an unconventional balancing system in combination with a hard protective shell, the Honda Gyro² aims to target the consumer that doesn’t see the practicality or convenience of the traditional bike. This urban scooter uses two separte stabilizing technologies to balance its hard shell: Honda UX-3 software and a rotating gyrowheel. Using dual mono-swing arms the rider can steer at both the rear and front, avoiding lean at corners while maintaining balance. 

The pictures from rear view cameras are projected on the inside of the transparent shell and three yellow warning lights increase in intensity in their corresponding direction as objects come closer. The transparent shell can also be covered in printed vinyl, enabling not only the standard choice of colors for the body, but patterns too.

Designer: Robert V Hagenström


  • Arek says:

    What with the strong wind problem?

  • Won'tWork says:

    I don’t care how many gyroscopes and silicone chips it has, inertia WILL make it fall over in a corner if it doesn’t lean. That’s dead-simple physics.

  • Ivar says:

    A motorbike that doesn’t lean takes all the fun out of it. OK, let’s say it is something we want, and I’ll shut up about that:

    How do you stop at lights? Is the gyro strong enough to keep the bike standing at a red? That is a complex bit of balancing.

  • Rahul Shirbhate says:

    Do this have Air condition inside to stop suffocation or have air vents?

  • Jimmy C says:

    It’s a nice idea, but it looks kinda nerdy. Good job though!

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