iPhone LiquidMetal Orgasm

I love Antoine Brieux’s enthusiasm and his perception of the next-gen iPhone. Rumors about the use of LiquidMetal’s alloy and how durable yet liquid the overall experience will be, has got me excited (what can I say…. I’m a fangirl!). For the moment this iPhone 5 LM Concept fills the gap, with its virtual ‘Home Button’ replacing the physical one. Utopian specs whet our appetite while Jony Ive and his team keep the real deal under wraps.

Designer: Antoine Brieux for NAK Studio


  • Rookie says:

    Reminds me of a Zune.

  • Olternaut says:

    How in the hell does this design remind you of a Zune?? We’re you attempting to be witty or something? You failed at that.

    The design is brilliant and I really hope it turns out to be an all liquidmetal chassis.

  • This looks like something HTC would produce. It looks extremely cheap, way too shiny for me. If apple started using Liquid metal i’d never buy anything again. Terrible.

    As for the headphone jack being in the center of the device, it looks stupid. What happens if you jam it against something, there goes your screen.

    Also the back makes it look ridiculous. I hate how it has a convex curve.

    It’s amazing how much time people spend on terrible designs like this…Like what do you get out of it? NOTHING.

    Go back to the drawing board, don’t be in a rush to render your art work. Looks NOTHING like an apple product. This is a disgrace!

  • Alittle harsh on the comment, But i do agree with you. It Looks nothing like an apple product. I don’t like it all, sorry…

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Otternaut: Don’t be mean. You don’t know what he meant.
    @edwardjoneyjonesjo: First of all, there are plenty of phones that put their jacks in the center, and nothing happens. Second, I haven’t seen YOU come up with anything special. Where do you get off tearing off someone else’s work just because it looks “stupid?” It’s amazing how much time people spend tearing other people down… Like what do you get out of it? NOTHING. You’re the disgrace here, dude.
    Personally, I think it looks fantastic. And I hear this is what they are actually considering for the iPhone 5. Where will you be then, huh? You willing to say that stuff to Apple’s face?

  • Quintin says:

    I agree that it doesn’t really look like an Apple product. It has too much going on and it is way to shiny. It looks cheap.

    And all that detail and then no place to put a sim card?

  • Rookie says:

    Zune HD. That was my first thought when I saw this. The shape and coloring (black/silver shading and placement) make it seem like a concept that was either based off of or was imagined to be similar in styling to the Zune HD, even if such things were merely subconscious.

    Hell, it may be only coincidence.

    Still: chill, bro.

  • Rydiculous says:

    I agree 100% actually, that was the first thing that came to my mind when i saw this… A less beautiful ZuneHD, its pretty much just an overly glossy ZuneHD thats been enlarged and slightly flattened

  • John L says:

    Nice shiny render, but engineering-wise how could the earpiece fit in the <0.5mm clearance left by the headphone jack? There's barely room for the mesh that covers it.

  • I see there are some haters up in this thread. I’m just here to say “great renderings” and “cool concept”. KUDOS!

  • Denny says:

    I suppose you can call it hating if you want but I think this design misses the mark on two key criteria, though the criteria have yet to be properly quantified:

    The “Apple-ness” of the product and the engineering.

    Two key aspects of apple design that have made them the electronics powerhouse that they are today. Apple’s philosophy (Dieter Rams’ philosophy really) is that simplicity is the best solution. I think the design misses the sweet spot between engineering and aesthetics that apple has been producing in order to accommodate a new material. Liquid metal is cool but it also needs to be finessed not haphazardly thrown on.

  • Meshari says:

    This is how iPhone 5 would look like if it was made by SAMSUNG & run Android. it’s clean but lacks Apple/iPhone DNA.

  • Apple says:

    This look exactly like android phone out there. I think the designer of this mock up are fans of that android design. This design is not parallel to that of jony ive design. Why i say it look android- ish is because its bezel is so thin. And the design is not weel defined. Not simple enough to be Apple. It look more like xperia phone. And please every one, apple will never release oversize iphone, like this one, 4.5 inch. And the specs are way more than we expect from apple, so u just can wish rite now. Just wait how apple gonna take their design to the next level. I know this is just his prediction, but next time when u predict, make sure u make it more in-line with apple design philosophy .

  • rian says:

    This is almost complete mock-up of current design of iPhone 4/4s. Every bits of designs are almost exactly the same: looks and locations of buttons, what the buttons are made out of, what kind of frame are used, shape of speaker, and etc.

    Only thing this design has managed to change is the location of audio-output, (which is going to be very controversial) and glossy look over all.

    Besides, we are not here to discuss rendering. We are here to discuss “design”.

  • I brought up rendering because someone commented that it was “too shiny” which I think is pretty harsh.

    A little constructive criticism would be nice instead of all these keyboard-warriors, ready to bash peoples work.

    I suppose when you were in school you tore peoples work apart and trash-talked without mentioning anything positive? Somehow I highly doubt that.

  • Grey says:

    By making the shiny frame closer to the brushed alloy apple has been playing with, it will make a lot of apple fans happy. The rest of the concept is cool, i dont mind the curved back (apple wont do it). The virtual home button could be a sure winner.

  • ady says:

    elegant shape, good..good…

  • Mr T says:

    where is power button on this iphone 5

  • ark says:

    Didn’t you seen “”Embedded SIM Card”?

  • Thomas says:

    Who cares what it looks like….everyone uses a cover

  • Jenna says:

    When will the iphone 6 come out?

  • Jenna says:

    When will the iphone 6 come out

  • Makyaj says:

    Who cares what it looks like

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