Symphonies at Sea

A winner of the 2012 Millenium Yacht Design Award for the “Dream Boat” category, the Allochroous isn’t your typical yacht. Everything from detailed aesthetics to the stage layout were designed specifically to host live events like concerts, art exhibitions & chic parties. High-end finishes, modern tech & color-changing capability are just a few of the features that make it a perfect ntertainment vessel.

Designer: Ezgi Aksan


  • Very cool, I don’t know why but in the first picture it looks like a floating shoe to me, anyone?

  • Jimmy C says:

    Wow. Beautiful. Great job, I would love to ride on this ship.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Great for Pvt groups, concerts, test new themes,
    & host cabins for sleepovers, dining too.
    Must acess via shuttleboats from shore when underway,Ideal for Sydney Harbor, Aus, Hawaii, Cancun Mex, FL, VA, Great Lakes (non winter use),
    Vic BC, Vancouver BC, Minn, Med Sea (near Nice, Genoa).
    Great for 300 size audience, band, FX, speakers.

  • Datadiary says:

    can’t Imagine

  • MDesigns says:

    Its kind of hard to figure how something like this could ever be cost effective and practical by a millionaire’s standards(they don’t have enough toys, right?), nevertheless its a good effort and probably good for a movie prop if nothing else.

  • Dave says:

    It looks like the vast majority of places you would stand or sit, you cannot even see the ocean! Just that honking big, solid, angled wall. Needs more work.

  • Hunter says:

    Meh. I’d rather be on a yacht or cruise liner.

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