Buried Treasure For Real

One sorry soul has to always stay back ashore to take care of our belongings, while rest of the family is out there having fun on the surf and sand. Beach thefts are a reality and it’s not just about losing your valuables, but about the violation of trust in mankind. Gigga Clam is a water proof safe that kinds tries to ease your day on the beach. Ergonomically designed, the Clam is meant to be pushed under the sand’s surface for safekeeping and has some pretty cool high-tech features. It’s roomy enough to store a large pair of sunglasses, phone, wallet, mp3 player, and keys.

Gigga Clam combines the locking mechanism and GPS tracking. Once you push the safe under the sand, a light sensor mechanism gets activated via the interactive waterproof wristband that you need to wear. Essentially this means that if someone manages to unearth your treasure trove, then the safety features kick start. First you get a repeated vibrating notification via the wristband and once you confirm the theft, it converts into a tracking device that beeps you the exact location of your Clam.

Construction-wise the safe’s casing and hinges are made of Polycarbonate plastic and the transparent windows are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane. The interior is fitted with Foamed Polyurethane Resin cushions that are sealed with cotton. Although you can play with a palette of colors for the exterior, it’s best to leave it at an earthy-sandy color so that it blends in when you bury it.

Designer: Chris Stratton