‘DRAS’tic Design


The Drasphone tries to combine two undeniably massive trends in cellular phone design. The clamshell trend of the 90s, and the present touchscreen display trend. Pioneering flexible display technology, this conceptual smartphone bends at not one, not two, but at three points! This allows you to make the Drasphone compact in two ways. Do a half fold, and you have a Squarish MiniDras, or a complete fold, and you get a MicroDras.

If you haven’t noticed, a small section of the display is exposed when in MicroDras mode. This nifty feature allows you to have all your notifications and relevant data visible to you even when your phone is in sleep mode.

Now while I strongly believe that large moving parts in a smartphone can result in major wear and tear (remember how easy it was to snap a clamshell phone?), I’d love to see a working prototype before I can make any promises!

Designer: R&D CORE Limited








  • Ron Naylor says:

    Interesting concept. The next step would be to re-integrate the four way fold, one to the right, and two from the left packing over the top so that the back is a functional wristwatch band (on left wrist for right-handed people according to my description) and the back of the uppermost fold becomes the watch-face. The folds to the left would be of different widths. The device components would need to become slimmer. Using the phone once the setup is opened would entail holding the left fist against the middle of one’s chest, and tapping away with fingers of the right hand. Cheers, Ron Naylor

  • Binoy says:

    It was a good and innovative creative design

  • Librus says:

    What an amazing design. I wonder, however, in which material would they use to allow that level of flexibility of the screen.

  • Savaliya Rahul says:

    Really Amazing…..

  • Poleng Hong says:

    Dear Mr. Sheth

    Cool design. Is this a concept? Or reality?

    Will this be available to market? Have you seen the foldable phone from Samsung? Thank you so much

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