Face mask giving you foggy glasses? This transparent mouth-shield can fix that.

It’s 2021 and face masks still suck. They hurt your ears, cling to your mouth, fog your glasses, and have your upper lip feeling hotter and more humid than a sauna. However, they don’t have to be that way. The Mask Shield has a clever workaround to make wearing masks a lot more comfortable. Forming an intermediary layer between the mask and your face, the Mask Shield gives you breathing space… quite literally. It makes sure your mask isn’t sticking to your nose and mouth, while ensuring that a proper seal is created around your nose so your glasses don’t fog up. Lastly, it sits on your face like a pair of spectacles, causing less strain to your ears, and comes with a set of hooks that hold onto your mask (instead of having your mask loop around your ears).

The Mask Shield is more like a face-shield for the lower half of your face. It makes wearing a mask more comfortable, and lets you wear your PPE for longer without feeling strain or fatigue. The transparent design means you could potentially wear just the Mask Shield while socially distancing, and pop your mask on when you’re around people. The rigid body acts almost like an endoskeleton, giving your mask some definition so it doesn’t cling to your nose and mouth, and that nose-seal provides a major service to humanity by keeping your glasses fog-free, because believe it or not… nearly 75% of all human adults wear glasses!

Designer: Wild Tortoise