Cardio made compact!


The Tight Space Exercise Bike (i’m not particularly sold on the name) fits gym equipment into the dead space beneath your bed. Its slim profile allows it to slide into tight spaces in the wardrobe, or even under your bed (unless you need that space to hide from bad guys and movie villains). Slide it out and with just a couple of unfolds, it becomes a stationary bicycle that you can work out on! The cycle unfortunately doesn’t come with handles, but it comes with an EVA foam saddle that’s height adjustable, four foldable legs that give it stability and keep it upright, and even a knob for adjusting the tension on the foot-paddles (with 8 difficulty settings) depending on the intensity of your work-out.

With cities becoming denser, and homes becoming smaller, the Tight Space Exercise Bicycle (really don’t like that name!) is great for tiny studio apartments because it fits a great deal of usefulness into a footprint of two large pizza boxes. Or maybe that isn’t the best comparison. 😛

Designer: Hammacher Schlemmer