Win a Customized Sonos PLAY:3

Sonos hooked up with artist Hisham Bharoocha to create a limited edition PLAY:3, the wireless wifi speaker system. Stream your entire music library, listen to your favorite radio stations and control it all from your mobile device. Only 150 were ever made and one lucky yd’er will win one! Just leave me a comment explaining where you would use the Sonos PLAY:3. Ends this Friday, March 30th @ 10PM PST. Open worldwide. Winner will be announced Monday, April 2nd.

Sponsor: Sonos, Congrats to Matthew Justice!



  • Tyson Haverkort says:

    That’s the brilliance of the Sonos, I’d use it everywhere! But what would really be cool is that I could picnic in the park across from my house (where I can still get my wifi), and listen to my music while drinking wine and playing bols.

  • Steven Vannatta says:

    I’d use it to fill my small apartment with awesome sound from this awesome compact player by Sonos… Let the good times begin.

  • Naomi says:

    The Sonos Play:3 would hang out in my office but now that the weather is getting nicer, I might have to open up the door and work from the patio… it looks like this could help me bring my music with me.

  • James says:

    I would use the Sonos PLAY3 at my studio space. I am a photographer with a darkroom and I would put it in the darkroom so I could stream music from my computer out in my main space without having to have a stereo with a lot of lights in the darkroom. As I spend many hours in the darkroom at a time, having music playing in the background would be awesome.

  • Leah says:

    I would have to switch up rooms depending on the occasions. Anywhere from my bedroom to my massage studie to my living room for gathers.

  • ERic says:

    In the garage is where I would use it. I would listen to it while I work on whatever projects the future has for me, or I have for it.

  • rocco says:

    I will use it on my roof ,while i watch the sky

  • winterwold says:

    I would put it in my parents home and then freak them out by changing the music every now and then. 😀

  • Suhler says:

    I’ll use it in my bathroom to wake up. 🙂

  • I would use it to listen my own produced trance and techno music while designing. Or also to listen music at my backyard while having friends at home as a replacement of my broken stereo 🙁

    btw..If anybody want to check my music (be forgiveness I’m starting at this):

  • Luke says:

    Dear Sonos & YD

    This is a fine piece of technology for anyone who enjoys music and wants to have it anywhere, including in and around the home like I do. Giving out a Sonos Play :3 is awesome to start. Giving the player a custom paint job by a world renownd leader in creative art makes it even better! The painted Sonos would be perfect anywhere. My favourite places to have it would be on my work desk to relax, out beside the hot tub while alone or with friends, in the bathroom during a shower to sing with, or in the kitchen while cooking! It would be a wonderful addition to your music technological arsenal. A high-tech must-have.

    Please choose to send me one!

    Thank you,


  • Tom Shap says:

    Wow, those look amazing. I would use it out at the lake. Love to listen to music down by the water at night.


  • Brian Bernier says:

    I’d use it in my new home office. we need it to help motivate us when we’re in there otherwise we tend to migrate back to the living room and be unproductive. Help me get back on track to a more productive life.

    Thanks, Brian

  • Cameron says:

    I would use it at work, definitely with a smirk.
    Id use it at a party and be a techno-smarty.
    Id use it to romance my Wife, would improve my life.
    Id use it when I’m happy, Id use it when I’m sad.
    Id even use it when I’m mad.
    Id use it while working on my bike and and tell the headphones to take a hike!
    Id use it when I’m lazy, just being honest, not crazy.
    Id use it when telling the world how happy Yanko Design and Sonos have made me by giving me a Sonos PLAY:3

  • Diana D says:

    This wireless wifi system would be right at home in my bedroom. And later, in the kitchen. Then in the living room. And on the back deck . . . everywhere I go, it goes.

  • Brian P. says:

    Hope I win 🙂 that’d be awesome to have :p

  • Brian p. says:

    Hope I win 🙂 that’d be awesome to have

  • michael ng says:

    I would use it in my room. Right beside my bed or better yet since it is wireless maybe inside my bed haha.

  • pops says:

    I would listen to it in the bathroom,love listening to music while having a good soak.

  • I would use it in my pool

    God hope i’m win

  • Tim Erickson says:

    I would use it on the deck of the Sea Scout ship I am a part of, so we can play music during our free time and while swimming

  • Helena says:

    I’d use it in my room! I currently don’t have a speaker, so it would be a nice change.

  • Scott says:

    I’d use it in the pool cabana I’m building for our wedding reception next month.

  • Andrew C says:

    I would use it in the quad on campus

  • TechBroker says:

    I would use that in my basement while working on my car..

  • jk says:

    id use it to listen to some awesome music

  • venisenil says:

    We would use it while harvesting some mint leaves for cocktails, having a bbq with friends in the garden during hot summer evenings, while cleaning up the party results…

  • The most wonderful thing about music is that it doesn’t matter where you are, what you do, why you’re there or how you’re doing it. It’s transcendental, it’s spiritual, it’s omnipresent, it’s religious without code and dogma, it’s an experience like no other.

    What better honor then for such a magnificent speaker than to be able to play great quality music wherever you are. To be able to bring smiles and a little toe tapping to people whether they be loved ones at home, strangers in the park, colleagues at work, friends at a party, children at the ground, old folks at the community center….

    So where would I use it? Everywhere it makes somebody’s day a little happier listening to the music.

  • SRU says:

    I’ll be using this with my samsung galaxy s2 if i can win.

  • Imraan says:

    I’m building a modern contemporary house. This is an item that will really add the finishing touch to the home. Patio, Garden and balconies…..

  • Sil van Duijnhoven says:

    Would be awesome to use in the kitchen. This soundless room needs to be taken to a higher level,hopefully my meals would raise too then.

  • SRU says:

    I’ll be using this with my samsung galaxy s2 if i can win, especially in the dormitory.

  • Gopakumar Rajan says:

    I’d give it to my little daughter as a birthday gift.

  • DC says:

    I would be using it 365 days a year, 24h a day.. ’cause it’s wireless people!! Hell yeah! 🙂

  • Charlie Gates says:


  • Martin says:

    Where else?!

  • Katie says:

    I would seek solace in it’s sounds while I work in my garden, drawing sustenance and strength to face my inner demons. It would provide nourishment for my tortured spirit as I sit beside my dying father. After his death it would be a resonating reminder of his life for me.

  • Aslak Siimes says:

    I would use it in my room, to fill it up with music and therefore help me to relax after hard dark days.

  • Karen Ang says:

    I would like to win this because I only use headphones and my laptop’s built-in speakers to play my music.

  • Karan Dudeja says:

    I would definitely make an arrangement for it on my motorcycle… Born to be wild !!!

  • Jason says:

    right beneath the ceiling toward my neighbor upstairs and play crazy laud when ever they listen music too laud.

  • Dominique says:

    I would place it in the living room to fill up the room with some smooth sound.

  • matthew says:

    I would rock it out in miami beach … an have a pool party !

  • Karl Brown says:

    I’d use it anywhere and everywhere, so that my friends and I could have music whenever we want it

  • Bayu Fauzi says:

    Nope I wont use it on my bathroom! it is too damn precious to let it exposed near water. And i will never put it on my living room. I don’t want to tempt one of my friend’s naughty hand. I’ll just put it on my desk the safest place in universe! 😀

  • Ulysses De Waegemaeker says:

    I want to take music anywhere!! Nobody has it here.. let me jump into fame!

  • seaofwhite45 says:

    This would be great for cookouts in the summer / basement in the winter.

  • KR_J says:

    I would use it in my small one-bedroom apartment where wires and cables are such any eyesore.

  • Al says:

    In my palatial penthouse office (so I keep telling myself).
    Actually in my very small basement spare room office.

  • Tom says:

    I’d use this on my beautiful fourth floor deck, basking in the sunlight and surely grilling something, listening to the smooth stylings of my current playlist.

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