Tea Timer For Perfect Steeping

Lets face it, people do fuss over their tea and it’s only fair to aid them with appliances that allow them to follow their ‘perfect cuppa’ obsession to the core. For example the TEA Thermos; its is a flask that masters steeping by combining a timer and spool!

The rotating timer mechanism is connected to a spool and chain and while the timer dial slowly inches towards ‘zero’, the spool retracts the tea bag out of the water for you. Simply clip on the tea bag, set your desired time, and a well balanced infusion of tea is on its way!

Designer: Eddie Gandelman


  • Securnit says:


    would buy one!

  • Great solution! I want one for my tea time

  • jonny says:

    clever but pointless. just learn to make tea.

  • jonny says:

    in that its over elaborate for a cup of tea. Perhaps on a tea pot would be better. They say that sales of tea pots are down and mugs are up.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Jonny: Not very many people use teapots anymore. I suppose it’s fine for those who do, but this is a good design.

  • jonny says:

    Yes it is a good design, just not a very good idea. I drink a lot of tea and this would only slow me down. Standard issue travel mugs get a bit gunky after hard core use.

  • joseph dumary says:

    Good job man!

  • SamHopperton says:

    Overcomplicated design at it’s finest.

  • Teto says:

    great concept, but…it’s ridiculous!!simplify

  • Horatio says:

    OMG, That’s funny yet kind of useful.
    And what’s great is the design employed a familiar element, a kitchen time, and turn it into something fun and different.
    Though, it is a bit over designed but still i wanna buy one!!!

  • Quintin says:

    Proper tea does not come from a teabag… You can time it as perfectly as you want, tea made from whole dried leaves put in a metal “egg” tastes much better than tea from pulverised leaves in a paper bag.

  • NxvsNep says:

    Save times from counting

  • Lee Gardener says:

    Looks a bit complicated but great idea!

  • Vivian says:

    have a chain in your tea cup? Seriously! that is ridiculous! As a tea lover, I really don’t think I want to taste of chain in my tea.

  • Coolekiste says:

    Nice but what’s the price??

    I really love tea and its a very good idea!!!

  • rambo says:

    wow that great, where can i bought that??

  • Brandon says:

    Would totally buy.

  • Juli says:

    If this product is aimed towards the finicky drinkers you need to consider the materials as they can greatly alter the taste of a brew and like Quintin said proper tea doesn’t come from a tea bag.

  • Bob says:

    i want to buy one

  • yun liang says:

    I am really concerned about the plastic grade I am using. and also I don’t think I wanna taste the chain…
    it is a good idea but too crazy for me…

  • Laura says:

    Totally want this! Where to I buy it?

  • Julia says:

    Enjoying a tea with this must be a good pleasure in this crisis tiemes….

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