3rd Annual Muuto Talent Award Winners!

After more than 400 contributions, the following designs were chosen to receive the 3rd annual Muuto Talent Award. The 1st place Nerd Chair, 2nd place Bambi Table, and 3rd place Sprinkle Lamp all exhibit the best in innovative design and Scandinavian values. All boast incredible craftsmanship deserving of this coveted accolade. Hit the jump to see more of these great designs!

1st prize: David Geckeler, Royal Danish Design School – Nerd Chair

2nd prize: Caroline Olsson, Akershus University, Norway – Bambi Table

3rd prize: Marte Straalberg, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway – Sprinkle Lamp

Designers: Various


  • Teto says:

    good idea for the table!!i like it! for the rest is not necessary to be a designer even carpenter. Reminds me the old toys that i made myself when i was 5

  • JerryS says:

    Nice clean designs.
    @ teto
    Some people’s creativity may just peak when they are five years old. You should show us some of those toys :p

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