This futuristic hoodie is weather adaptive, abrasion-proof, and comes with a set of modular accessories

Why carry a backpack on your shoulders when you could just snap a bag to your hoodie? The Ultra Hoodie quite literally does that, with a magnetic M-System plug that lets you quickly attach messenger bags, pouches, and other accessories directly to the hoodie, sort of like giving yourself extra pockets. If that wasn’t cool enough, the Ultra Hoodie is also water resistant with DWR and abrasion-proof, comes with dedicated pockets for your belongings, built-in AirPods holders, and a tiny window that lets you look at your smartwatch without having to lift your sleeves up. It’s also simultaneously breathable and stretchable, allowing you to be as comfortable and free as you would in a regular hoodie, and it comes in the most badass color on the planet – jet black.

Designer: William Chen

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The patent-pending Ultra Hoodie quite literally propels the most comfortable piece of clothing into the future. While most hoodies were designed for casual comfort, the Ultra Hoodie combines comfort with performance, versatility, and durability. At first glance, it might look just like a regular (albeit classy) hoodie, but look closer and you’ll realize how much there is to unpack.

The hoodie comes made from a high-gauge weaving structure with a dedicated internal membrane that makes it incredibly resilient to wind and rain, while still being up to 5 times more breathable than your average jacket. An inner fleece lining keeps you warm without making you sweaty, and creates a comfortable environment that only a hoodie can.

The Ultra Hoodie, however, isn’t just designed for comfort. Its fabric has 360° stretchability, making the Ultra Hoodie perfect for the great outdoors. It’s also abrasion-resistant, so you can wear it just about anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged, and has reflective strips on the back, increasing visibility and safety.

Hidden Card Slot

Phone Pocket

Watch Window

The Ultra Hoodie also comes with a few functional upgrades designed to help you effectively adapt to different situations. It has an abundance of pockets, including hidden slots on the sleeve to store your phone, cash, or cards. A water bottle pocket beside the ribs lets you easily carry a bottle or umbrella, and a towel loop on the back is perfect for storing a rolled-up napkin or sweat towel while working out.

The hoodie also has an adjustable hood with pull-strings that also double up as holders for AirPods. Want to wear your AirPods with your head covered? The hoodie comes with passthrough vents that let you fit in your earbuds THROUGH the hood.

Perhaps the most impressive feature the Ultra Hoodie sports is its versatile M-System modular design. The M-System is a magnetic modular interface that allows you to snap a host of extra modules and accessories to the hoodie. These accessories include the M-System Pack, a messenger-style waterproof bag that basically attaches to your torso, eliminating the need for straps.

The M-System Pack works almost like an extension of your hoodie, giving you an extra set of waterproof zippers to carry extra belongings, and just in case you want to use it without the hoodie, there is a detachable strap too that allows you to wear the pack as a side-sling or cross-body bag. Other accessories include a name-tag, which slips right into the base of the jacket right near your hip, where you’d attach your retractable lanyard anyway, and a polygonal hat, which just acts as a rather cool accessory when you’re trying to nail the Heisenberg look.

What the Ultra Hoodie really does is expand the capabilities of an otherwise rather commonplace piece of clothing that people usually wear for days at an end because it’s just comfortable. In its renewed avatar, the hoodie 2.0 if you will, the Ultra Hoodie becomes the kind of apparel you can wear everyday and everywhere, thanks to a series of rather functional upgrades. The stretchable, breathable, high-performance fabric is perfect for practically any demanding outdoor scenario, and the pockets, features, and accessories that accompany the Ultra Hoodie make it perfect for the everyday urban warrior!

Click Here to Buy Now: $198 $280 (30% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!