Kitchen Design for Now and When You Are Ninety!

Disturbed by the way their ninety-year-old ‘Nan’ has to struggle in her current kitchen scenario, Product Tank has designed this compatible Kitchen 02. It’s compatible in the sense that both the sliver generation and the young-guns can use it easily. Like they say, “This is not a Kitchen for a Michelin starred chef, just an old lady who wants to remain independent and cook herself simple meals.”


  • The kitchen is small to reduce the amount of movement between areas.
  • Everything has been designed so that tasks can be performed sitting down.
  • You can get your legs under the sink to make washing up and preparing food easier.
  • The sink has a shelf to rest things on whilst you clean them and a moveable divider to split the sink into two areas so you can wash up and still have a vegetable prep area.
  • You can remove the divider to have one large sink capable of fitting an oven tray.
  • The prep area is recessed so that if there is a spillage, anyone sat down won’t get wet and all spillages can be swept into the sink to make cleaning easier.
  • There are two boilers.
  • To use one, you simply engage the plug and fill with water directly from the tap.
  • The boiler eliminates the need for carrying heavy pans full of water and the risk of pans tipping over, especially when sat down.
  • Sensors in the sides prevent the boiler from being overfilled or boiling dry.
  • A light cage holds and drains the food being cooked, or the boilers can be used as steamers.
  • The boilers are easy to clean and trash eaters take care of any loose bits of food. Taking pots and pans out of the equation is not only a safety feature, but also reduces the amount of storage needed.
  • The controls are angled to make them easy to read and it’s easy to see if they have been left on from a distance.
  • The dials are easy to grip and the numbering is high contrast.
  • A bold graphic makes it easy to see which dial relates to which cooking element, without having to look at small awkward diagrams.
  • This model includes a frying plate and an induction hob for soups and sauces.
  • These elements are plug and play and can be quickly changed for a variety of options and easily removed for cleaning.

Designer: Product Tank

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