The evolution of the MacBook Pro, as imagined by designer Jules Moretti, is this hybrid design, the MacPad Pro, that integrates the touchscreen functionality of the iPad into both the keyboard and primary display. In other words, you basically have two super-iPads hinged together that work in tandem! Simply rotate the lightweight unit in a “spine up” position to read it like a book.

The ethernet and firewire 800 ports have been removed to allow for a thinner body allowing room for more thunderbolt connectors as well as three USB 3 ports.

Designer: Jules Moretti


  • Now that’s what we called Apple Evolution! Great design for a Mac.

  • mobin says:

    tnx it was good news

  • Guest says:

    It does remind me a bit of the Acer ICONIA a bit… not the design but the concept with two touch screens. I tried the ICIONIA and it was ( for me at least) not as good as I had hoped, TYhe loss of tactile keys is a shame. I did like the idea of two screens though 🙂
    Still a nice concept.

  • Derek says:

    Too bad another company already made one like this:
    Acer Iconia

  • Robert Wellington Clubine III. says:

    I wonder if the keyboard screen could be adjusted. I mean the keyboard seems to close to the screen to be comfortable. I have a bluetooth kit that I purchased at Neiman Marcus that when installed for use with my iPad2. It would be interesting if they make the keyboard seem to flat as well the trackball. After all it is a tuchscreen. I am sure to Thunderbold technology is good but sometimes one just wish to layback and relax. They should make the touchscreen detatchable using sometype of wireless technology.

  • iPad 3 says:

    Looking good! Looks a bit like the new Acer tablet.

  • Jason Wang says:

    Looks pretty awesome.

  • Erik Moen says:

    Why in the world would you rather want a secondary screen than a keyboard with real buttons? I’ve never seen anyone typing reasonably on a touch screen, and very few people want a higher screen (although a wider screen is considered useful by many).

    A theory of mine is that Apple, through introducing transition animations for everything and making them take virtually forever, have led people to think switching between windows and desktops is a momentous task. Convincing people to grab a mouse or touchpad to do it also contributes.

  • Erik Moen says:

    Not to mention “a swiping movement”. *shrugs*

  • the world had never seen an iPhone before 2007, and well that took care of real buttons on phones.

  • anon says:

    Am I the only one tired of this kind of “concept” designs?. Just throwing some tactile surface to anything and it’s done.

    Doesn’t seem like a real evolution in the product itself.

  • would be totally cool, but two things
    Apple, or at least apple under Jobs sort of decided that a vertical touchscreen isn’t ergonomic.
    And it isn’t, right? You’ve got to keep your hand steady while keeping it elevated? that doesn’t really work.

    I mean, even HP and others who make those giant touchscreen all in ones have decided that and make them fold flat.
    Also, those pixels are going to break along the curve.

    at least they would today, probably, if you folded it a lot.

    And we don’t need any elaboration. iPad works so smooth the way it is.

  • tactile?
    isn’t it like, not tactile? by not having any physical interace, right?

  • joel says:

    not original, Acer did the samet hing with win7 called the Iconia laptop, nothing new or inovative about this design sorry.

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