Life-Proof Calling

For all you know SpareOne may go onto become an iconic phone with its simple approach of being the ideal spare phone that works on a single AA battery. A shelf life of 15 years, simple demeanor and intuitive UI, makes it a coveted gadget to carry on hikes, travels and emergency situations.

Rodney explains, “ When we were approached to strategize this spare phone idea, we knew immediately that it has to be simple and “life-proof”. The archetype of a screen was logically used to showcase and glorify this simple but iconic long-lasting AA battery.”

Designers: Rodney Loh & Thomas Tellier for NextOfKin Creatives


  • Chris192 says:

    Batteries don’t have a life of 15 years if they are just left in the packet. Energizer claims their normal disposable alkaline batteries last 7 years. Also after that talking on a phone takes a lot of power, probably more than a single AA battery can provide out of the packet for any reasonable length of time. I’m not sure this is possible at the current time. However a lot of money is being spent in battery research at the moment so maybe in a few years.

  • Kid says:

    Outside of 911, I would have no idea who to call in a relevant emergency. I have an iPhone. Why would I memorize someone’s number?

    I get the concept. Dig the aesthetics for the most part. Though that protruding battery housing might not be the most ergonomic on the ear and upper jawline when in use.

  • Rob says:

    If you’re not calling 911 in an emergency, what number ARE you calling?
    Energizer Ultimate Lithium (the battery shown) has a rating of 3000mAH, that’s comparable to any smartphone battery.
    As for ergonomics, this is a single-use short duration product so ergomonics are of no great consequence.
    A good idea for when your drive-texting runs the battery on your smartphone out and you can’t call anyone to tell them you crashed ’cause you were drive-texting.

  • Kid says:

    Are you calling 911 when you run out of gas? Or have a flat tire? Probably not. So, there’s that.

    And ergonomics should always be considered in great design…not necessarily implemented every time, but considered. Food for thought.

    Also, think of it this way – I get a flat tire and my cell is out of juice so I need to call a friend. If I can even remember the number to call, it’s only insult to injury that the emergency phone I’m using is resting uncomfortably on my ear. I know, I know, a little extreme. But just think of the user experience, that’s all I’m getting at.

  • JanD says:

    The idea is very promising. I would threat this a an emergeny, low cost phone. Consider it a a “BIC” cigarette lighter vs the fancy one you got as a new years or birthday present.
    This phone i would keep all times in the gloves compartment of the car. If possible I would advice to keep one in (any) forst aid kit thats been carried around. the one in the car or the one the yought camps take with them.

    One small set back. What about the sim cards you often need. Could there be a circuit that allows at all times to contact the emergency services nevertheless which operator picks up the signal

  • Jimmy C says:

    This shoould be more appreciated than it is. I suppose some of us will have to learn the hard way.

  • Rob says:

    A fair call Kid, although I would personally consider those occurences more to be inconveniences than emergencies.
    I’m not saying user experience and ergonomics should be thrown out the window, but it’s already got reasonable affordances. I’d suggest that it’s smooth to the touch, appropriately sized to hold in the hand and that smooth, subtle battery bulge could actually serve as a tactile locator that sits in the gap between the tragus and antitragus, aligning the speaker with your ear canal. I know, that may be a stretch, but it’s not going to cause a severe amount of discomfort. That’s what I’m getting at.

  • Kid says:

    Haha. Valid. Well played, sir.

  • johnny says:

    awesome! really nice design and graphics! pls launch them in the various colours!

  • I think they meant the phone itself will last 15 years without a problem ie, there will be no dust, corrosion, issues, or breakage that should prevent it from working for the next 15 years.
    Imagine having this phone in your car at all times, or in your home, or even in your backpack. For the next 15 years, you won’t have to worry about trying to start it up just to make sure it’s still working. 🙂

    It’s much easier to find a spare AA battery instead of a phone 🙂

  • i think lifeproof is supercool and worth the money because you get go into the water with your iphone and it will never get stolen 🙂

  • Hunter says:

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