Framer Concept Camera is an easy to use digital camera that makes picture-take a less stressful job. Forefingers and thumbs have often been used as an intuitive benchmark for focusing and clicking photos; Chun uses this same principle in making his device more user-centric. We are a photography-inclined generation and innovations that focus on not overwhelming us by simplifying tech advancements are always welcome.

Designer: Jeiyong Chun of SADI


  • Kid says:

    My camera: the thing that allows me to watch the world is now watching me!

    Cool concept.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I like it, although this technology must be a while away. After cameras, perhaps you could use this same tech for glasses!

  • Grey says:

    @ Jimmy C – Cant work on glasses because it defeats the purpose of the camera watching you.
    @ Kid – We have facial recognition, so a camera that pics up the size/distance of your eye cant be too far away.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I suppose…

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