Tiffin Proportions

Dabba means lunchbox in Hindi and is inspired by the Dabbawallas of Mumbai. This ingenious design aims at making you choose healthy food options and pack a balanced meal for work. Each box displays a food icon and is sized to keep portions in check. I love the combination of bamboo and silicon used, and if things go well soon the Dabba will be available at a store near you.

Dabba Features:

  • Series of stackable dishes with silicone bases act as both a seal and a cool touch bottom for reheating
  • Sustainable bamboo lid and a reusable felt placemat with integrated utensil storage
  • Unique elastomeric handle keeps the stacked dishes secure during transport by stretching over the integrated dish “buttons”
  • Felt placemat enhances the overall dining experience by elevating the food presentation and act as an insulator
  • Food items can easily be transferred to the bamboo lid, which can double as a dish
  • Dabba suggests proper portions by the varied sizes of the dishes themselves and the graphic icons printed on them

Photography: Hal Silverman Studio

Designer: Rob Englert of Ram Industrial Design