Scrunch, Flip, Flip, Tumble

No, I am not talking about a new dance that is the latest craze, but about a new eco-friendly bag designed by Hetal Jariwala and Eva Bauer called 24/7. These two designers met while attending Stanford’s Product Design graduate program and hit it off so well, that they started their own green company called Flip and Tumble. The idea behind the bag is that the designers were moving to a greener lifestyle and wanted to use their reusable bags. However, they always forgot their bags when they needed them. Like most of us who are using reusable bags do. So they developed a bag that could be taken with you wherever you may be, and the bag can be easily folded up into a ball using a scrunch, flip, flip and tumble (just like when you roll your socks into a ball shape) and left in your purse, car or messenger bag. When open, the 24/7 bag can hold up to 20lbs which is roughly about the weight of 2-2liter coke bottles. The bag is currently selling online at for around $15 dollars- I am heading there now to get my own.

Designer: Eva Bauer & Hetal Jariwala


  • SaiN says:

    This would actually be very useful for allot of women.. great work..

  • Gerhard says:

    Humm. This idea is quite old. My Grandma used to have one as long as I can remember. Similar Design, but a lot older (about 25 years…)

  • l3utterfish says:

    hello everyone.., found a cheaper version.. 8$
    maybe not as fashionable but still half the price..

  • Christine says:

    This is cute. I do try to save on plastic bags but always forget my reusable one at home ALL THE TIME. If I could just scrunch it in a ball and carelessly throw it in my purse before I go out, it would make things so much easier.
    Great product with such a fluke simple solution.

  • Aaron says:

    Great idea, even if it’s not necessarily new (e.g. as Gerhard has suggested).

    I’d like to point out that the model’s expression in the second picture cracks me up.

  • 김명환 says:

    이거 한국에서 아줌마들에게는 인기가 아주 좋은 제품인 듯 하네요

  • 김명환 says:

    이거 한국에서 아줌마들에게는 인기가 아주 좋은 제품인 듯 하네요

  • gretchen says:

    I won a couple of these this last winter, and use them all the time. I can never remember to bring my other bags, but those two are *always* in my bookbag. Plus they’re adorable! I refer to them as my Popple bags.

  • Zuzia says:

    Yeah have similar designs at home, but dont often use them coz I never have time to fold them up back into their compact state… very annoying.

  • Pootle says:

    Two two-litre coke bottles weigh approximately 9lb, not 20lb.

  • Pootle says:

    Two two-litre coke bottles weigh approximately 9lb, not 20lb.

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