The earth’s very own sunglasses


The crazy post title got you, didn’t it! We here at Yanko pride ourselves in showcasing concepts that may seem outlandish, but speak of a lateral method of problem solving. The Global Cooling skyscraper is by all means a financial and logistical impossibility…in the present tense. However, if we think of the global cooling skyscraper as a concept, it sounds like a marvelously eccentric idea. Think of it, a massive greenhouse that stands in front of the earth and the sun. Its transparent design allows sunlight to pass through, but it absorbs a great deal of the short-wave radiation, preventing the earth from drastically heating up. It also absorbs all the heat that the earth generates too, making it doubly effective. Plus, it looks so futuristic, emerging out of the horizon like that! It’s a shame it’ll block our sunrises and sunsets, but hey, we had this coming with the way we’ve been treating our planet. Brace yourselves, George R. R. Martin was right, winter truly IS coming!

Designer: Paolo Venturella, Cosimo Scotucci






  • MWK says:

    An amazing solution for a non existent problem.

    • Sarang Sheth says:

      Are you of the opinion that Global Warming is a hoax?

      • Rodrigo says:

        I choose global warming than this scrap metal blocking my sunset view, btw global warming is just a selfish human concern, earth will regenerate from anything, we are just temporary here.

        • Sarang Sheth says:

          Theories say, and I choose to believe them, that Mars was a thriving planet with life a couple of billion years ago. There are underground oceans, and an atmosphere of rarefied oxygen which led to this claim. I know I’ll be long gone before earth reaches that eventuality, but I want to be a part of a solution, not the problem. 🙂
          This idea of a scrap piece of cosmic metal acting as a heat sink may seem to be an aesthetic disaster, but I hope it sparks a conversation somewhere, and leads to a much more refined solution. Something that doesn’t obstruct sunrises and sunsets for future generations. Agree?

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