Light Phone 3 is a digital detox companion that’s more useful than other minimalist phones

Smartphone addiction is becoming a huge concern worldwide and most of the digital detox methods are just a temporary consolation. The craze for minimalist phones has come as a viable solution to reclaim your life and experience the real thrill of living beyond the vivid display. But do they solve the purpose?

These dumb phones (yes they are popular by this alias name) can be really hard on smartphone users who can barely live without the device. The Light Phone 2 aimed to get over this problem and allow only the essential stuff without being too hard. Designed by New York-based company Light Phone, the new device comes after a gap of five years with new improvements in functionality and of course the hardware.

Designer: The Light Phone

This third-generation minimalist phone restricts usage to just text and calls with no access to social media apps, email, or even internet browsing. Having a black and white 3.92-inch OLED display with a better refresh rate than the predecessor’s E Ink screen makes it a smooth operator. Light Phone 3 comes with a worthy addition of a 50MP rear-facing camera and an 8MP selfie shooter to document any important moments of life. To add a classic feel, the photos can be clicked with a dedicated shutter button. A brightness adjust scroll wheel on the right side is another addition that’s worth the upgrade.

The buck doesn’t stop there as the minimalist phone comes with a NFC chip, USB-C port and a fingerprint reader to log in to the device in a jiffy. The battery on this phone is replaceable in case you want to stick with this phone for life. Those side volume rockers and power buttons are made out of aluminum to last long. So that functional longevity is also not a concern for years to come, the phone has a beefy Qualcomm SM 4450 processor, 128GB of storage, and 6GB of RAM.

Compared to the previous version, the Light Phone 3 is more of a Blackberry-sized device. Those who have had enough of their unproductive screen time can pre-order the minimalist phone right away for an initial price of $399 with shipping promised in January 2025. Depending on the number of sales, the device could go up to $799 after July 15.