Independent Wheelchair Assistant

Inspired by his grandfather who has been in a wheelchair since the age of 20, designer Oscar Fernandez created the electric Independent Wheelchair Assistant to help users independently access their local communities in a safe and easy way. The design utilizes the user’s own wheelchair, acting as a true assistant and eliminating the need to constantly transfer between other devices like scooters or power chairs. Hit the jump to check out its unique functionality.

The user attaches to the device from the rear via a small bracket that must be attached to the wheelchair. The bracket slides into the back of the IWA, lifting the two front castor wheels of the wheelchair off the ground. The bracket locks into place, securing the chair and transferring the weight evenly across the four large wheels of both the IWA and the users’ wheelchair. Equally simple controls allow the connection to be made or released with the press of a single button. There’s even a headlight for night riding!

Designer: Oscar Fernandez


  • Rob says:

    Cool Model.

  • Sercan says:

    very cool.

  • MDesigns says:

    very nice.

  • Amelia R says:

    Looks very cool but i see 3 problems. 1st – not very manoverable round bends, if you intend to take it off and go around shops where would you park it (it would so get nicked esp if lot of money) and has to be easy to bolt on and off if you were doing that and it doesnt. 2nd problem – Its wider than the wheelchair which means it wouldnt be able to get through doors. 3rd – it looks extremely heavy.
    Its not a original idea as you can get similar bike addons for wheelchairs that are a lot less heavy and dont have to keep being charged up (unless you get one with a electric bike battery too it that is).
    As a wheelchair user myself i’d personally love to see you inventive chaps come up with a carrying device for “stuff”.

  • Oscar says:

    Thank you Amelia, these are definitely things I should look into for further development. I appreciate your feedback and will consider it heavily. Cheers!

  • Larry B says:

    I’m using something similar.–but I see 3 advantages of your design
    1.a mid drive motor can be used with this design
    2.larger batteries can be stored in the area between the wheels
    3.if you’re carrying groceries having 2 wheels is much more stable than the more common 1 wheel design
    4.more weight in front means greater traction especially going uphill.


    what kind of motor, battery and controller are you using?

  • please send all information on the front wheel system, i would like to buy one , MARCEL BEAULIEU, APT:102- 17 STANHOPE AVE., WARREN, ONTARIO, CANADA, P0H-2N0. #1-705-222-0729.

  • Hunter says:

    A Segway for wheelchairs.

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