More Than Signals

The Sólo is a modular traffic signal that can be easily disassembled and used for other purposes. A good example is the event of a road mishap, and how the lights can be intelligently used to create a detour for oncoming traffic. Even for road repairs; if the street is closed, may as well use the lights for marking out the hazard space! Clever use of LED lights ensure eco-sense and the modular format give the lights the versatility to be used in numerous circumstances.

MODULE: H: 300mm; W: 290mm; L: 168mm | weight: MODULE: 2.3 kg

Designers: Matheus de Luca, Moreira Pinto & Porto Alegre


  • Rob says:

    It’s not very often that a traffic light needs to be more than a traffic light. They are of very simple construction to reduce cost, vandalism/tampering and increase efficiency. I can see this being a good solution for the described problems, without the necessity for it being a traffic light. Leave the traffic lights where they are and have these placed in emergency/construction vehicles.

  • Kid says:

    Clever. I dig.

    I also like the technical feature descriptions: “electric part thingy for the stuff and what not.” Or something like that.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @ Rob: Hmm, seems you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  • Bleach says:

    Great ideas, Tnx Guys
    Always looking for new ways to improve me. It’s amazing how many small and easy things you can do to make some noticable changes!

  • Gui Camejo says:

    Totally dig that!!! o/

  • mp says:


    Designer: Matheus Pinto,

    Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil.

  • Grey says:

    I’m with Rob on this one, Awesome idea though. Maybe just hook a tripod to the base.

  • Excursioner says:

    Awesome product. This is the type of stuff I like to see here.

  • Mauricio LG says:

    Hello, I’m wondering how can I reach the designers of the Solo traffic lights. I’m interested in this product.

    Thanks and regards!!!

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