Innovative Illumination!


Do you remember the Liter of Light campaign started in the Philippines that converted sunlight into a lamp for slum interiors? Well, that campaign got a pretty sweet design upgrade! The Play & Lighting lamp is a wind-up lighting device for the third world that fixes onto a bottle, not just becoming a lantern, but also doubles up as a toy. The lamp component comes with a handle that charges when you rotate/twist it. The genius behind it is that it uses its toy-ish charm to get children to play with it and swing it around, therefore charging the lamp. A minute’s charge yields 10 minutes of light, allowing a child’s playtime to illuminate the entire house for hours… and taking inspiration from the Liter of Light, just fill the bottle with bleach+water and you’ll have yourself an incredibly bright lamp to light up the entire house!

The Play & Lighting (P&L) secured a Student Design Award at the iF Design Awards in 2016.

Designer: Sanghoon Yoon