Inspired by a light switch, the eye-catchy colors of this desk lamp is the visual motivation you’ll need to start your day

Every desk craves a space-saving and eye-pleasing desk lamp that has a good reach and decent mood-setting illumination. This is primarily because a good desk lamp can transform the workspace both aesthetically and functionally. In the right illumination, it can elevate the mood and reduce eye fatigue, helping you to get the work done more efficiently.

The journey of the Light-Up Desk Lamp does not start with its illumination prowess, it is however born from an idea of a new beginning. Inspired by the story of a light switch, which the designer believes, has more meaning when turned on than lighting up the space. Turning on the switch indicates a new beginning, which is the notion sprouting the idea of the Light-Up lamp.

Designer: Joonyeol Bae

Just like turning on a switch lights up the space to get you going, the Light-Up lamp is also created to help people “get into the work mode” as soon as the lamp is switched on. Probably because the designer has a single intention behind his creation, it doesn’t have a fancy design.

It is delivered in a simple, yet focused form factor and has the primary intention to create a work mood instantly upon being turned on. Light-Up has little focus on changing the amount of illumination on the desk, so no disturbing color changes and odd flickers.

In addition to being a productivity-enhancing desk lamp, it is also an excellent table organizer. The lamp body can allow people to hold up sticky notes on it to manage schedules or have the to-do right before their eyes.

With its novel idea, Light-Up Desk Lamp encourages one to think out of the box when it comes to picking a desk lamp. This one can be more than just a tool to light up the space: it can be your instant mood flipper and a work organizer in one. Since an eye-catchy color is just the visual motivation you need to start your day, the Light-Up is delivered in lovely bold tones too!