Round Light Done Right

When it comes to lighting, there’s something about spherical white shades that just makes sense. Simple, yet expressive, they permit omnidirectional lighting and also make for a great diffuser. Creative Pill’s ORB lamps capitalize on this very character and practicality but with a twist. The table and floor lamps 3 legs appear to pierce the sphere, using it as a stabilizer for the tripodal structure. Simple and creative, they’re an easy addition to any contemporary space.

From a manufacturing and assembly point of view, the ORB is kept really simple. The 3 aluminum feet are all the same in order to cut production costs. The inner metal component keeps the whole assembly together. By screwing the feet in, the two glass halves are kept in place with no pressure on the glass component. The inner metal component also acts as support for the light bulb fixture or LED system. Access to the inner components is easily facilitated by removing the top glass sphere half which is easily removed by unscrewing the upper aluminum components.

Designer: Creative Pill Design Studio