When Skinny Appliances are Cool

The trend with appliances these days is to get slimmer and sleeker so that you don’t hide them in closed cupboards but proudly show them off as a part of your kitchen décor. Consider Slim Toaster to be a part of this concept. Wall-mounted and with a very practical approach towards functionality, I’d use this over my current Philips Toaster, any day. Love the integrated tongs!

Designers: Muzaffer KOÇER & Ayca Guven


  • Maryline says:

    I like this. It would free some space on the counter

  • Rawwhale says:

    Cool concept but needs some way to adjust the timer or heat for lighter or darker toast. A simple knob would work but I like the sliding movement of the bottom piece, could you maybe design some sort of manual adjustment that shortens the travel distance and toasts less?

  • Jimmy C says:

    Pretty good! My only concern is you’ll only toast one slice at a time.

  • digi_owl says:

    Seen such a thing heating burger buns at the local eatery.

  • shiverbrains says:

    Yeah, same! I would love to see a 4 slice version of this. Or even this design with some sort of “toast clip” so you could load in a queue of multiple slices.

    I’m sure the heating elements are insulated but ABS has a relatively low melting temperature (somewhere around 105 C or 220 F), maybe a heat resistant plastic like polyamide would be a bit more durable? Even if the toaster doesn’t get to 105 C it will start to smell like burning plastic and discolor at even lower temperatures.

  • Cmo says:

    Gratz! 😀 Tebrik ediyorum ikinizi de 😀

  • Yasir Asif says:

    Brilliantly executed! Love the design, aesthetics, urban yuppie look, minimalist form and functionality.

    Agree with earlier comments on “one slice at a time”, would suggest levers/buttons on the side that ejects the toaster body outwards for 2 or even 4 slices using compressable spring dividers.

    Tebrikler Muzaffer ve Ayca!

  • Rawwhale says:

    What? Wouldn’t that only toast the top and bottom of the stack? It’s still only two heating surfaces.

  • Alice says:

    I have seen several of your designs on Pinterest and would love to have this kind of technology in my home. How and where are your products tested?

  • marina says:

    Where can I purchase one please?

  • Love the renderings.

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  • Ayca Guven Kocer says:

    Unfortunately, Slim has not been produced yet. We are looking for a manufacturer.Thanks for your comments !

  • Ayca Guven Kocer says:

    Unfortunately, Slim has not been produced yet. We are looking for a manufacturer.Thanks for your comments !
    For more info http://www.studiomuca.com

  • CThompson says:

    Put me on the distribution list when produced. I will most definitely buy one (or two). Love the concept.

  • Rita says:

    Love the space-saving design. Please notify me when available.

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