Always Socially Connected

The LG Finestra is a display-charging cradle-Smartphone concept. What we have here is a display with a charging cradle and the ability to sync with the Smartphone so that you can access your social sites at whim. The advantage is that you can manipulate the display to showcase pictures as a window display and enjoy different sceneries. The phone beams out a virtual keyboard for easy navigation.

The Finestra won the LG Mobile Design Competition 2011.

Designer: Kairi Eguchi Design


  • Rawwhale says:

    What purpose is this supposed to serve? It seems to basically cripple the smartphone by making it only work in darkness…

    I guess the screen is bigger but I had one of those laser keyboards and they are worthless. The shadow of your hand blocks out the keys, which is a big problem with no tactile feedback and they only work in low light with no double taps of the same key.

    Also, how does this dock? The phone is just magically floating in all these renderings.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @ Rawwhale: Actually, these should work in all types of light, these are just dark sample pictures. I’m sure there’s an adjustment for brightness on the side or something.

  • Jimmy C says:

    And it’s probably a Bluetooth connection.

  • Rawwhale says:

    Yeah bluetooth for data transfer but how does it physically attach to a completely smooth surface with a 45 degree bevel?

    The only possible way this could attach to that surface would be magnets and the only way it could charge without any visible ports or cables would be using wireless inductive technology. However, the attachment magnets would receive the electromagnetic energy as well, distorting the field and either rendering it useless or converting it to extreme heat. So either the designer forgot to include some details or designed a melting picture frame.

    Even if laser keyboards have improved enough to be visible in bright light it still doesn’t solve the shadow problem or the incredible discomfort from pounding a desk with your fingers for an extended period of time. I would rather just use use my phone or my laptop, what problem is this solving??

  • Terry says:


  • Someone owns the patent on parabolic speakers, you can’t just use that idea.

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