A watch that buys you land on the moon!

We’ll get to the spectacular design of the Moonbronze Coronation XCII watches in a bit, but before that, let’s talk about that article title up there. It’s true. When you purchase a Moonbronze Coronation XCII watch, you’re not just purchasing a watch. You’re also purchasing a plot of land on the moon. Limited to just 222 pieces, the Coronation XCII watches are items of remarkable luxury, as they come with not just an exclusive eye-catching design, but also coordinates etched on the back. These coordinates outline a plot of land on the moon that now belongs to you. Moonbronze affiliates itself with the San Francisco Land Registry, and each watch buys you lunar property spanning 4046.86 square meters or 1 acre in area.

However, with a design that’s pretty much to-die-for, the lunar property bit feels almost like an add-on. The watch boasts of a decagonal (10-sided) face, highlighted beautifully by the chiseled domed sapphire that sits on top. Made with a stainless steel body (and a rose gold coating for the gold variant) the watches come with a Selitta SW 200-1 automatic movement on the inside, sitting below a stunning black watch face with coronation hands that glow, and a day/date exhibition window. Flip the watch over and you’ve got an exhibition back with the coordinates of your lunar plot etched around it.

The Coronation XCII, for a watch that literally screams interplanetary luxury, is pretty reasonably priced. Available for just around $430, you get yourself a remarkable looking watch that comes with a 10-year warranty… and you also get yourself an acre of land on the moon forever! I’d call that a pretty sweet deal.

Designer: Moonbronze Germany

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